Episode 03: Daze Before Christmas (SNES)

Grab your mistletoe and pucker up, my little Sugar Plums, because Doki Ho-Ho-Hoki Game Club is back and we’re stuffing your stockings with glad tidings, great joy, and a brand new episode! This time around we’re single-handedly saving the holidays as we don the mantle of Ol’ Saint Nick himself to chat about Daze Before Christmas for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

In this wintry wonder, Brandon, Brian, Frank, and Joseph log the nog and separate the chestnuts from the coal, leaving nary a cookie crumb uncovered. So come in outta the cold and cozy up alongside the fireplace as your favorite fruitcakes deck the halls of your mind with 16-bit nostalgia of the Christmas kind!

Special thanks to RushJet for use of his chiptune Chrismas Medley: https://rushjet1.bandcamp.com/track/christmas-medley

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